growing the repertoire of community-led climate justice...|


How can we build new repertoires of community-based modes of action needed to repair and redress the harms suffered by communities too often on the ‘receiving end’ of local and planetary change? In this project, we 1) develop shared tools that communities can use to hold climate change actors to account, 2) strengthen existing community-centered work towards environmental justice, 3) build repertoires of community-based modes of action for climate change accountability.


working actively on generalizable methods and techniques
Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, Public Lab, Little Sis

community representatives:
applying situated and intimate knowledge of the effects of environmental change in concrete places

partnered scholars:
imagining new models of community and justice in a climate-disrupted world

cornell affiliated:
Christopher Csikszentmihalyi, Steven Jackson, Phoebe Sengers, Jen Liu, Marina Zafiris, Ishika Agrawal, Emma Chase, Mayanka Dhingra, Laur Kim, Kassidy Slaughter

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